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  1. IDMAX12 Sealed Enclosure Size?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm building my sealed box for my single IDMAX12 in the next couple days and I'm trying to decide on how big to make it. The spec sheet from Image Dynamics has a compact recommendation of .65 ft3, universal/recommended of 1.0 ft3, and an audiophile recommendation of 1.8 ft3. I'm deciding between...
  2. Obsidian Audio Specs

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello everyone, I bought two obsidian audio 10" v3 subs a couple years back. I never got around to making a proper box for them, but I now have the time and unfortunately can't find any specs for them! I'm hoping someone knows the recommended box specs. I'm considering doing a passive...
  3. Need help with box for 2 soundqubeds hdc3.118

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Vehicle: 2004 infinity fx35 Location in the vehicle: one seat folded down and box slid in long ways (thats what she said) Space available (Length x Width x Height): 46 x 23 x 26 Amp make and model: Wolfram Audio W-3000.1 Class D Monoblock (3000 rms at 1 ohm) Subwoofer make and model: Soundqubed...
  4. Typo's Sub/Amp Build and Install

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    The skinny: • Truck: 2013 1500 Express Regular Cab Short Box 2WD • Head Unit: Stock uConnect 3.0 • Mids and Highs: Stock (possible upgrade later) • Amp: Kicker CX1200.1 (to be purchased next week) • Sub: 12" Eclipse Aluminum Cone (discontinued) • Line Out (LOC): AudioControl LC2i • Wiring: 4...