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  1. Focal Mid Boxes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hiyall, Im desperately hunting down a pair of the focal mid boxes, they come with the krx3's, im planning on putting the mid and tweet from the utopias in there. Now I'm here in australia and its seeming rather difficult to source a pair of these on their own! So im thinking i may not be able...
  2. Sub Box Designer \ Fabricator needed in SoCal ASAP

    Off Topic
    gotta little project I dont have the time or tools to handle....need it by Sunday. Paid job. Shoot me a message if you are interested with your price, some insight on how or what you use to design, and an example of your work. 2x 10" Fi Q's in an STI Trunk. Regards, Jon
  3. anyone ever use paraply to build boxes?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So after a disastrous night trying (and failing) to build a box with my dad, the project has changed and i am starting over. i have a pile of paraply sitting in the corner of my garage; has anyone used paraply and had good results? how does it compare to birch or mdf?