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  1. US High End Amps Vs. International High End Amps

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ok. So my question is... is it really a personal preference once you start looking into high end amps or is there really a difference to prefer one over the other? Let's use the following Amps below for comparison based on 3-way front stage system (just for example) if you were to enter a sound...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hi, just want to ask if anyone has had an active setup using Brax Amp? if you do, how do you set it up between the highs and the mids? thanks.
  3. 2008 pankrok's CX7

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    So finally i reached a stage that my system can be shown to public! The car Mazda CX 7 GT model 2008 manual transmission The stuff Alpine iva w505r Alpine pxa h701 Alpine nve m300 BRAX x2400 graphic edition driving mids and highs BRAX x2000 graphic edition driving the midbass on the...
  4. Brax SPL Comp amp

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Selling a silver SPL Comp amp which is basically a X2000 that is optimized for low impedance use. She is doing about 115 a channel at 4 ohms and 550 wpc at 1/2 stereo. I have everything that came with the amp- factory print outs, fuse holder, wood box, etc. She looks like new. Asking $ 350...