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  1. [WTB] Alpine MRD-M300 and Alpine MRV-F340

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    Hi, I'm looking for an Alpine MRD-M300 and an Alpine MRV-F340, but now these amps are quite difficult to find here in Brazil. I saw that a MRD-M300 was sold here a little time ago, so I think I can find another one. :D Please, only answer the thread if you can ship it to me here in Brazil...
  2. Need Blaupunkt Velocity VA1400

    Off Topic
    Hi! I'm looking for a Blaupunkt Velocity VA1400 amplifier. anyone have one for sale? It needed to be shipped to Denmark. P.S. I'm a new user, so i'm sure that this is forum is the right place to post this kind of ad. If anyone have an advice where I should post it, they are welcome to write...