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  1. reconed idq12v3d2 buzzing/vibrating tinsel leads or spider?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ok so I reconed my idq 12 after blowing it and now it honestly sounds worse because there is so much vibration coming from the spider or the tinsel leads I cant figure out which. I had adjusted the gain and blew the last one because I didn't use a dmm and just a hair of a turn was enough to give...
  2. humming amps, not speakers

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hello. I find there are a lot of posts about audible hum through speakers... this is different though. My AMPS are audible. I'm gearing up for an install and doing some hook ups on the bench lately. When I run my ppi pc2600.2 and pc21400.2 even at low/moderate levels, I hear some musical hums...