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  1. FS - Amp(s) Installation Kit (TSpec / Street Wires / RadaFlex)

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    Product Brand & Model: TSpec / Street Wires / RadaFlex 2 - StreetWires Interlock 1/0 82' - TSpec V10 Oxygen Free Speaker Wire - V10SW12125-WB 3 Sets - TSpec V10/RT810P 1/0 Set Screw Terminals 2 - TSpec V12-2148PN - P/N Brass Battery Terminal - (2) 0/4 AWG IN (2) 8 AWG Out 1 - TSpec V12FDB-124M...
  2. Converting HDMI to AV

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys. My new adventure is to install a JVC KW-AV70BT in the old explorer. That headunit has av inputs, (red, white, yellow) cables. This cable: JVC KS-U30 USB Video Cable for iPod and iPhone: Car Electronics seems to transmit the Ipod video to the headunit, as well as sound...
  3. iPod usb cable problem

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys , I'm new here , and if my topic isn't where it should be , please excuse me , and move it. So , my problem is that my iPod doesn't charge, i found that the problem is in the cable , and I really need it charged for tomorrow (GMT + 00 , and it's 12 pm ) . So , I can't go to any sore , as...
  4. For Sale: Stinger Wire and RCA

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    67' of Stinger Pro Series 12 Gauge Speaker Wire 16' Stinger Dream Series Triple Shielded Pure OFC Balanced Interconnect The speaker Wire is Brand New. The RCA cable is a an 8 out of 10. Price $50.00 Let me know if you have any questions. Willing to ship to the Lower 48 States.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hi all, this question might have been asked before, but i hope some big bros here can offer advice as to whether branded speaker cables have an impact on sound quality. cheerios....:D
  6. 35ft KnuKonceptz Bi-amp cable (12g)

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    This stuff is the real deal. I got 35ft to wire my 2-way setup and wound up not needing bi-amp. This is dual 12 gauge, twisted for serious amplification. Take a look here. Knukonceptz product detail for KARMA SS 12 GAUGE BI-WIRE SPEAKER WIRE Paid $50+ shipping. Would like to get $40 shipped...
  7. Need sony bus cable for c90 & XDP4000

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Need the bus cable to connect the c90 to XDP4000. Anyone have links to where I can purchase this cable? Or retail stores that carry them?
  8. Need a specialty cable- where to get it?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I need an adapter cable- 1 end needs to have 2 male rca ends and the other needs to have a female headphone jack. it doesn't matter if the female headphone jack accepts the large or small male counterpart. Any idea where to find it?
  9. FS New alpine Cda-9884 with ipod cable

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    I have a brand new alpine cda 9884 with ipod cable for sale, everything is included that originally came with the unit. Unit has never been installed just hooked up for testing. Asking $110 Plus shipping