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  1. Cost and Effectiveness: Welding vs. Car Audio Cables & Ground Pointers

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I limited this to 0/1 AWG Cables to maintain perspective I would prefer welding/ battery cables to CCA, especially given the skin effect, but with the amount of money that is spent on your car audio system, the power and ground cables and procedures are not the areas to cut corners especially...
  2. RCA - 117" Mogami 2534 Cables

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model RCA - 117" Mogami 2534 Cables Condition of all items Brand New Total Price $20.00 includes shipping Shipping Terms Free. Included in price Additional info This is a brand new cable built buy Joe on this form, before he discontinued making cables. He sold the...
  3. Alpine F#1 Status - Cables and Stuff...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Need some help here. I have a DVI-9990 and PXI-H990. I believe the setup came with 2 cables. I now have one connected between the HU and the PROC. The other cable was unfortunately damaged in the build. I'm trying to get a replacement for the damaged cable if it's available. Q1. Does anyone...
  4. FS Kicker S series 1M/ 3.3 ft RCAs BNIB

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I have 3 sets of these all brand new in box. I recently purchased a DC650.6 from the forums so I don't need these cables. These are Kicker's top of the line RCAs here. Model number is SI21. Looking to get $12 each SHIPPED CONUS. Pics:
  5. For Mr Bikinipunk....some of your cables are done

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    I finished your Y cables last night. I think they came out nice. I used 1 black end on one of the cables, and on the other a red end, so you can differentiate them (LR) when you separate the channels. Now I have to tackle the 4 channel cables. Here they are...