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  1. need help with a 18' camry w/ a budget of 2k

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey I have a 2018 Toyota Camry XSE 4cyl non- JBL I'd like to upgrade with a budget of 2k CAD including installation, I mostly listen to hip-hop, rap, r&b, and dance-hall. I want greater sound quality, can you guys help me out? I will be keep the factory head-unit, and it will be taken to a shop...
  2. 2010 Camry always hungry for more sound!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have 2010 Camry with a full set of Alpine-S's (pair of 6.5 components and 6x9s). I have a 4-channel Kenwood Excelon amp unsure which model, I will update tomorrow. I have a pair of type R 12inch subs in the back with a 3000 watt peak amp giving them healthy power at 1800rms at 1ohm in a...
  3. toyota camry hybride 2013 multimedia system

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    hello, do anyone have the sockets scheme of this jbl system? also, if there is anyone that has knowledg about this system and like to help, i'll be happy for his email address. simon
  4. 1998 Camry - Adire Tempest Infinite Baffle Build

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Overview: I have been on the forums for many years, the last couple years I have had a break from all of the car audio forums to focus on school. I noticed so many things have changed coming back, but somehow I have regained the car audio addiction again. So I decided to take my extra Adire...
  5. Basshead seeking Subwoofer/Enclouse Advice

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi All. New to the community, but have been reading as much as I can here. Thanks to all the contributors. Now, I am planning out a system for my 02 Camry. While I've settled on the speakers and amp - Going with the HAT Imagines I61-2s all around, powered by a JL HD900/5. Crossover centered...
  6. SQ around 1000 buck for Camry

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm not great on the tech side of car audio. What I do know is after getting my first "system" (ha), I neeeeed aftermarket car audio. 2 weeks ago my 95 civic was stolen...... BUT I am getting an 07 camry (a deal I couldn't pass up) My dilemma: what do i put in my camry? I would like to...