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  1. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi, I want to upgrade my speakers but I am very new to this. I am looking for good speakers under 200 euro for front (2 low/mid speakers with 2 tweeters). I see lots of people talking about that i need an amp. But I am wondering which speakers I should go for that should work with my RCD 360...
  2. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi I have ran a line output converter to my amplifier my subs are working I have a four channel amp on the other channel I’m trying to run a PA horn but I’m getting no high frequency from my amp what do I do?
  3. DIY Music Forum
    when I was hooking up my amp every time I’ll try to buy the red power wire into the amp it will make a big spark and the fuse will blow so I took the fuse out and put the power cord in then try the fuse but the fuse will blow. Please help!!!!!
  4. General Car Audio Discussion
    I was thinking to ask people which size speaker they mostly like? and why they like that particular size? choose from the below: 6x9 speakers 6x8 speakers 6.5" speakers Looking for your answer shortly. :) :)
  5. (Showtime)
    We received a fairly positive response to our STCA cable so we wanted to offer you guys an awesome sale! For the next three days, STCA cable are at blowout prices! Lets finish October strong and have an awesome Halloween sales! Just a quick reminder of STCA cable. Its not just conventional...
  6. (Showtime)
    Let the sales commence with another car audio deal. We've consistently had the LOWEST prices on Taramps across our site and on eBay. A quick search will show this to be fact. For CACO and DIYMA, we're making our prices even lower! :runaround: We're Taramps Authorized Dealers. That means...
  7. (Showtime)
    Hey Guys, Lets kick this off with a bang. 20% off sale on all Incriminator Amps and 10% off all Incriminator Speakers/Subs. No catches, not stipulations. Showtime Electronics Car Pro DJ Retailer Hop on our site and use the following codes: ICA20 - Incriminator Amps ICA10 - Incriminator...
1-7 of 7 Results