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  1. Pre-Owned 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster S

    Pre-Owned 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster S

    Porsche Huntington is your source for factory authorized Porsche sales, parts, and service. Whether you are looking to buy new or used Porsche cars, looking for genuine parts, or servicing your car, our certified sales and factory-trained service team are here to help. In addition to wide...
  2. Hi

    New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I'm new to custom audio setups, but I have a very basic understanding of electronics. I've made a few electronics projects, but not much with audio systems. Currently I'm working on turning my Alpine Car headunit into a portable home sound system. I have 2 head units, CDA-9807...
  3. Help Upgrading Corsa Car Stereo

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, Firstly, let me apologise if this is in the wrong place. I've been plundering through the internet for what seems like forever to find a solution to my problem. hoping people here may be able to help? I'm upgrading the stereo in my Vauxhall/Opel Corsa (2015). What seemed straight forward...
  4. Alpine IVA-W505 No Sound All Sources

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I've got the Alpine IVA-W505 installed in my vehicle and it's been working fine for years. I recently decided to cancel my SiriusXM account and go the route of streaming audio from my phone instead. I had both working great, and then Saturday morning the Sirius service finally ended (as I had...
  5. Is this a good setup for Subwoofer?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, I'm getting a subwoofer but am pretty novice when it comes to picking out the right parts so i've done some research on the topic and was wondering if this was a good setup, as I have read that, "For a subwoofer setup to sound its best it should equal or slightly exceed its RMS rating"...

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello guys, i am pretty new in this kind of business.. I have an older Audi a3, 1998 8T with 1.8 liter engine with turbo. I have it in a pretty good condition, but still, i want to make it better, and i love music, loud music, and i want everybody around me to know what i like to listen to...
  7. subs and amps questions plz help

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey. so i have twin 12" subs MODEL: TremorX-124 1250 watts Stitched leads Spring loaded speaker connections Anti wobble cone construction TCT Technology (Turbine Cooled Transducer) for high effeciency output. Military grade single 4-Ohm voice coil and i need an amp to power them. i found this...
  8. Subaru Forester first build

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey everybody - newbie here (ive been lurking) Looking to get my first setup for my 2004 subaru forester 2.5x. My car was recently rear-ended and I figured while it was going to be in the shop for work anyways I could go ahead and throw in some new speakers to handle my head unit. (Its nothing...
  9. Winter SoundFest- Tucson, AZ.13 Jan 2013

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    Hot Rods 10500 E Old Vail Road Tucson, AZ. 85747 8am-5pm See flyer for specific time table. MECA 3x points event Awards 1st-3rd place in all classes Show-N-Shine 8 classes- Domestic Mild, Domestic Wild, Import Mild, Import Wild, Truck Mild, Truck Wild, SUV/Van, Vintage SPL Park and Pound...
  10. Someone help? I don't know what happened to it

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So, I've had my radio in my car installed for a little over a month now and the other day I get into the car and my radio doesn't turn all. BUT when I press the cd eject button it allows me to eject it and put it back in. I checked the fuses and they're all okay. please help? :(
  11. Help with my JL AUDIO System??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys I have just bought a JL audio system for my car (Nissan Pulsar 2001 sedan) This is what I got installed: *JL C2600 splits (front) *JL C2600 (back) *JL Audio JL CP212-W0v2 - Twin 12" Subs *JL XD400/4 (for the speakers) *JL XD600/1(For the Subs) *JVC KR926bt (Head unit) The...
  12. Help Me build system for our Toyhauler?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I need to put a system in our Raptor toyhauler and wanted to put 2 marine grade speakers on the outside, 4 speakers on the inside, an amp to power them and an iPod compatible head unit. Any recommendations??
  13. Help: New Radio in my old '71 Duster

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello Everyone, My 1971 Plymouth Duster has an original AM radio in it, and I want to keep it in place but I'm tired of only having talk shows to listen to so I picked up a new radio (Sony CDX GT360MP) to mount under the dash. However, when I tried connecting the new radio to the car, the new...
  14. Need HELP! First Audio System

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi everyone. Noob here! First car, and soon first car audio system (don't know anything about it). I want to buy a high quality audio system in my car (something discrete). It can be new or used. Budget: +- $1500 Music: Hiphop, R&B, oldies rock, etc. I don't need the best equipment, but...
  15. Complete Overhaul!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey guys, This is my first post and hopefully not my last. And I'll try not to bore you guys, and ill try to make it look nice not just a wall of text. Before reading you should know: -I'm 17 and all I wanted was "that system" when I first bought my stuff. -I have a job, its not the best, but...
  16. Car Audio Deck app for the iPhone & iPod touch coming soon!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey there guys, I’m getting in touch with everybody to let you know about an exciting new iOS app currently in development, Car Audio Deck for iPhone and iPod touch. The idea for the app is quite simple, at a time when the major car audio deck manufacturers are scrambling to integrate smart...
  17. FS: Carputer Parts (NEW) - CarTFT, Asus, BlackBox

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hey All, I purchased a premium membership here so i can unload a few items I purchased for a Carputer project. Unfortunately, I ended up buying a new car that came with Nav, so I have no need for any of these items any longer. All items are BRAND NEW and only opened far enough to test or...
  18. Best System for under $700

    General Car Audio Discussion
    the title says it all, best system for under $700, maybe $800 if there is a good reason You must include sub, front speakers (no rear speakers) , amp and headunit challenge set......
  19. Car Audio Competition near you?? Post it up here!!!!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    What's goin' on fellow bass heads?? I am putting together a master list of car Audio Competitions across the U.S.A. so I can cover them through social media like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. It doesn't matter how big or small the competition is I want to know about it so I can be...
  20. Small car, too little space. Need good speakers.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey. I'm trying to fit a basic stereo system in my small car. I'm not looking for anything crazy, but I am obsessed with reference audio. I can fit a maximum (in size) of 6 1/2" speakers in the back on the parcel shelf and a maximum of 1 3/4" speakers in the front. I know this makes my choices...