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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am in the process of designing a 2 din car pc and my only sources for audio are going to be a 3.5mm jack, hdmi, or soldering rca ends onto the speaker leads coming off the main board. The main board is going to be from a PIPO x8 which has 2 internal speakers. I need to be able to split one of...
  2. Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Hey everyone, I recently finished installing a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 in my corvette to replace my current pioneer stereo! I'm far from finished, but the initial install is done. For reference, my original install thread is HERE. Still to do: 1) Install Parrot CK3000 bluetooth hands-free kit...
  3. Hot Deals - Refurbished: Logitech 920-003038 Google TV Mini Controller Saw req using this guy at the End of Summer Showdown this weekend and it looked SLICK. Looks like the regular price is nearly $100 on it, so this seems like a pretty good deal from a reliable vendor.
  4. Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Here is my latest mode of transportation: It's a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4. It's much more versatile and can haul around my ever growing family much easier than my small coupes of yore (although I miss those fun little cars)! I bought it last year and started installing my system...
  5. Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Well, today I started the dreaded job of gutting my brand new CW GTI. I wasn't looking forward to it, but couldn't justify spending the money to have some one else do it. At least when I do it, I know it's done right. First, a little background. I formerly drove a Buick Regal (99) w/a CarPC...
1-5 of 5 Results