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  1. MLV install question

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am preparing to install MLV in to my 09 silverado I am curious If I can forego the use of CCF and just use the factory padding under the MLV so it would be, metal, some dynamat dampener ive already installed factory carpet pad, MLV, and then the Vinyl floor that my truck has. is this a good...
  2. May Day Sale

    (Second Skin)
    May is right around the corner and the weather is getting nice everywhere to get out and do some sweet installs, so Second Skin is offering 20% off all products this May Day weekend only!!! SALE DETAILS
  3. Closed Cell Foam - Super Cheap

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    So I've been researching materials for my upcoming deadening project, and came across this: Uline packing foam It's CCF, made from polyethylene. From reading here, most people like to work with PVC Rubber foam (gym foam), which is easy to bond to the car and to MLV using vinyl cement. The...