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  1. Best Sub w/ Focal PS 165Fx???

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Yo! This build is in an 01 accord.. So my front stage is a comp set or focal 165fx powered by an alpine MRV-f300. I currently have (2) JL 10W1v2 in a dual sealed box powered by a JL XD600/1v2 Also I'm not running any rear fill. My budget is around 400 although I would like it around 200, or...
  2. JL C5-653 or Hertz HSK163 3-Way Comps

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am currently running NVX XSP65KIT and I am just not happy withthe sound. I think it is part due to the oversize tweeter assembly with measure about 2 1/4 inches and only fits in the stock location for the 2.5 speakers in my Chrysler 200 I am looking to run something that still allows me you...
  3. Audison Goodies/ Alpine headunit

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    Product Brand & Model: 1: SOLD Audison Voce AV5.1k 2: Audison Bit In 3: Audison Voce AV 6.5 4: Audison Voce AV 1.1 5: Audison Bit Ten D 6: SOLD Alpine CDA 117, KCE-400BT, KTP-445A package deal Condition of all items: 1: Used- Cosmetic=9/10 Function=10/10 2: Used- Cosmetic=9/10...

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    Product Brand & Model: HERTZ COMPONENT HI-ENERGY HSK 165 Condition of all items: NEW Total Price: : 300 OBO Shipping Terms: : UPS Additional info: PAYPAL PAYMENT ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED **...
  5. Alpine SPX-17PRO comp...BNIB!!!!

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Alpine SPX-17PRO comp set. This is the set with the really nice ring radiator tweeters and very adjustable crossovers. Condition of all items: BNIB, opened once to look at because I am a curious person Total Price: ...
  6. VERY AFFORDABLE Comp with Vifa Ring Radiators

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    Product Brand & Model: Vifa XT25SC90-04 1" Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter Vifa XT25SC90-04 1" Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter 264-1014 Mids from Kenwood KFC-P708 Comp Set Condition of all items: Both tweeters and mids are in great shape. Minimal wear on the mounting tabs on the mids. Tweeters do...
  7. 97 F150 ext cab setup help

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    hey everyone i have a $1500 approx limit for a new setup for my truck. if anyone wants to throw some ideas at me that would be greatly appreciated! i plan on getting 2 subs in a stealth box under the back seats probably 2 amps, comp speakers, tweeters, new in-dash touchscreen, basically a whole...
  8. Focal 165 K2 Power KF Component Set NEW

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Well I bought these Focal components with the intent to used them in a current SQ install I am doing in my 04 Mustang GT 40th anniversary but I have changed my mind I went with the Hybrid Legatia L1 Pro™ SE Series tweeter & Legatia L6 Mids So now I just do not need. They are new in the box never...
  9. DLS Comps Wanted 6.5 Set

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    DLS GOTHIA 6.2 Is what I am really looking for but PM me what you have I may be interested. Thanks