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  1. speaker wire options??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So my ctx's speakers came with some 14g speaker wire, and I also picked up a roll of 14g speaker wire from lowes. The pink one is the image dynamics wire, and the clear one is the cable from lowes. The ID wire was significantly smaller in wire content than the lowes wire and had much finer...
  2. Rainbow SLC vs ID CTX vs HAT Imagine

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I've seen this thread on here before but I'd like some input from someone who's heard all three sets. Which are the best components? Rainbow SLC $200 HAT Imagines $300 ID CTX $170 If any of them sound similar I'd go with the cheaper pair but if the HAT's sound THAT much better than the others...
  3. how to run from head unit to amps???

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    My head unit's manual only had diagrams for normal mode, 2 way mode, and 3 way mode, which I am attaching photos of. My question is how specifically do I run it the way I have it shown in the other picture?? With the complexity of systems today, I'm sure this is doable but I haven't found...
  4. Image dynamics ctx 65cs vs Alpine type r comp's (spr 50c, 60c)

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i'm looking for some good sounding speakers for the front doors of my 01 civic coupe dx. these speakers are roughly the same price- $159 for the ID's and $150 for the Alpine components. the alpine type r component speakers are Alpine's high end comps, while the ctx 65cs is not Image Dynamics...
  5. new image dynamics ctx124 and ctx104 any good?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    these are the same subs, just different sizes. i'm looking for an SQ setup without breaking the bank. are these good quality and bang for your buck? i would like very accurate, tight, punchy bass. should i get the 10" or 12"? i was also considering an infinity 1260w. how do the image...
  6. CDT vs DLS vs Image Dynamics

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Ok here's the deal. I have a Cadence ZRS component set for my front and MB Quart FTA169's for my rear fill. I was perfectly content with this setup until I heard my girlfriends 4inch ID CTX coaxials. They are amazing. Now I am thinking of changing my setup. I will be running the front speakers...