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  1. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi I have a shark antenna for my car and It has DAB (digital radio) but my car stereo does not have a DAB socket to connect to it. I have heard that I can connect it via the FM connection (not sure if this is true or not) but if so, can someone please send a link to the adaptor I need to buy so...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, A couple of questions about the Clarion DRZ9255: 1) Can it control the DAB expansion unit DAH923? 2) Is it possible to use one of Clarions newer DAB+ units, such as the DAB302E? Thanks for any help.
  3. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey folks, I've been researching for what seems like weeks, trying to find the 2 features I want in the same high-end car radio... DAB and optical out! Living the UK, DAB is a thing. Especially BBC Radio 6, my favourite station, is only available as DAB. I'm looking to hook the HU to an...
1-3 of 3 Results