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  1. looking for some advice for 2003 tundra build

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So I'm deployed and have way to much time to research what equipment to use. So for starters I intend to build a baffle to mount a 10" subwoofer under the rear passenger seat. For that I have pretty much decided on the Polk audio MM 1040. From everything I'm reading for the price and size(its...
  2. RF p1-1x12 SQ any good?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi Diy, My 1st post so Ill get right to the point. I had a gift card worth $100 siitting in my wallet since xmas. (pleasant surprise). Ok, so i saw the Rockford Fosgate punch P1 1x12 250W RMS / 500 peak loaded enclosure on sale for $99 plus shipping and jumped on it despite the fact that I was...
  3. Unique system configuration--which speakers/where?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So while having some high-end components up front and a sub in the rear is usually a good way to go, my access cab Tacoma pickup does not have room for a sub without doing away with a rear seat (not gonna happen). As is, there is room for 6x9's (or 6.5's) and tweeters in the front doors, and...