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  1. Cactus sounds pf300.1,pf600.1 and pf1000.2

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    Please text me # below I'd appreciate it if you PM's vs. Commenting thank you. Looking for some power fighter goodness Anyone have any to sell or trade? Also looking for team series amps 4kw.5kw.7kw.9kw etc. K5,k7,k9 and k12 and the elite versions Text me pics 920-659-9585
  2. troubleshooting odd sounds at high volumes

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    Hello, I'm trying to diagnose a problem with my setup that occurs at high volumes. Certain bass notes, especially ones like a hard drum kick or something with sharpness, will begin to distort past a certain volume. The sound is difficult to describe but it's almost like a flapping noise...
  3. Dc Audio Amps

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    This is my first post so thanks in advance for anyones response, does anyone have any experiance with any newer DC Audio amps?? the 9k in perticular. Im thinking about using this to power 2 AA SMD 18s (If any one has any feed back on those it would be much appreciated as well) and i cant seem...