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  1. Dead battery from lack of use. What's going on?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    As some of you know I'm now at Virginia Tech and sadly don't have my 2008 elantra with me =[. It's back at home in my dads garage. Every week or two, he goes and takes it out for a bit just to keep the engine moving occasionally. Well the past three times he's gone to start the car, it's been...
  2. Am I alive, or dead but dreaming.

    Off Topic
    Thankfully I'm alive. I work 3rd shift at a hotel. I've worked there for almost 2 years. At 1:30am EST tonight I was robbed at gun point. Two guys came in and they knew what they were doing. Wearing hoodies and do-rags over their face and wore surgical gloves. There was a guy in the lobby with...