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  1. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey there. Iv just sound deadened my utility, have i done it right? There's a some large holes in the inner door panel around 8"x12" and 9"x6" which I'm not sure i should have covered over like this. Should I have cut the holes out? The deadener is floating over the gaps like a drum skin. The...
  2. (Second Skin)
    So I heard you guys like discounts: Use code HOLLY20 valid through Christmas day and good for 20% off any order $100 and up! That's an extra $20 in your pocket MINIMUM!
  3. (Second Skin)
    Happy Halloween from Second Skin Audio! **Here is a sale to create tomb like silence in your ride** 20% off any purchase $150.00 and over use promo code SILENCE20 at valid thru 11/03/2013
  4. (Second Skin)
    Since we missed having an April Fools Day sale here is one for ya! Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states. Good for any order over $100.00 valid until 04/07/2013, Use promo code HEAVY100 case sensitive.;)
  5. Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    I want to seal off my trunk because it leaks on occasion, which i think I have fixed, and because I hear it will improve my bass response as well as reduce road noise. I'm not looking for sound deadening advice because I'm going to do that this summer and I know what to do about that. My...
  6. Vendor Deals
    Buying some candy, flowers, or even some jewelry for a loved one this Valentine's Day? Why not show some of that affection to your other love and joy... your ride! Show how much you care by making it more comfortable and luxurious. Both you and your significant other will enjoy the quietness...
  7. Vendor Deals
    We know Super Bowl XLVI is still eighteen days away but thought why not kick things off a bit early... Introducing Second Skin's Pre-Super Bowl Sale! Heading to the game? Or just dreading a long road trip to a buddies house to watch the game? Get some Damplifier and some Luxury Liner to make...
  8. Car Audio Classifieds
    SOLD! Second Skin Damplifier Pro in black. 19 sheets. New, never used. Need the cash. 19 sheets total. 17 pieces are one full piece. Two of them are nearly a full piece and will be including 2 other small ones so you'll get a total of 19 sheets. Bulk pack comes with 22 sheets so I'm giving out...
1-8 of 8 Results