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  1. Advice on Headunit choice!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have a friend who wants me to replace her factory headunit in her 2004 Escalade. She wants bluetooth calling, navigation, aux, and a rear view camera all for under 400$ installed! I know i can't get a headunit that includes all of that for that price considering i'll have to buy a wiring...
  2. NEW Alpine CDA-HD148BT

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Alpine CDA-HD148BT Condition of all items: Items in brand new condition Total Price: : $175 shipped Shipping Terms: : will ship conus via usps Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture...
  3. Hertx hCX 690 or Hertz ML-1600.2 for rear deck

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey, everybody. Really, I'm just wondering if putting tweeters in the rear deck will shift the sound-stage awkwardly. I've been searching around and it seems like a lot of people prefer to keep their rear deck empty, or just use a midrange rather than a coax or tweeter. However, i definitely...
  4. p99rs factory crossover points?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Heya guys, Ive hooked up a 4 way active setup to my p99rs, all focal utopia, atm we're having difficulties getting into the audio options menu (May have grounded the door wire so ATT is on all the time, locking me out of all audio settings ie crossover, ta, eq etc) my amps filters are on atm...
  5. Car Audio Deck app for the iPhone & iPod touch coming soon!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey there guys, I’m getting in touch with everybody to let you know about an exciting new iOS app currently in development, Car Audio Deck for iPhone and iPod touch. The idea for the app is quite simple, at a time when the major car audio deck manufacturers are scrambling to integrate smart...
  6. Alpine CDA-7894 MP3/CD Player Headunit

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Price $185 Shipped in the US - FIRM!!! Contact information call/text @ 281.235.8554 Is the item new or used Used ----------------------------------------------------- Product description This is a Mint Condition Alpine CDA-7894 SQ (Sound Quality) Head Unit... Comes with harness, cage, trim...
  7. RCAs and Crossovers

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm connecting three amps to my deck, but my issue is that I have three RCA cables (one from each amp) but my HU only has one set of inputs. I've heard of something called a crossover box with multiple inputs and one output. I need one with three in and one out. If anyone can point me in the...