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  1. Wanted: Audison BitTen D Calibration CD

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm finally getting around to installing the old processor in the new car and, of course, can't find the calibration disc that came with it to set the high-level inputs and de-eq curve. If anyone has this disc laying around, could I trouble you to rip it and send me an .ISO or...
  2. Two very nice demo discs, ape/cue format, high quality.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Here's a couple of Demo discs that I thought you all might enjoy. If you're not sure how to convert .cue files to mp3's or other formats, download xrecode II, it's all you need. This is K2 HD Sound: Download VA This is K2 HD Sound 2007.rar from - - download...