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  1. FS: DIYMA R12

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    [SOLD] FS: DIYMA R12 Product Brand & Model: 1) DIYMA R12. SOLD Condition of all items: 1) Used for about 6 months in a sealed enclosure. Works flawless but has a red scuff on the woofer but does not affect the quality at all. Still works as new. 10/10 - Functionally 8/10 - Cosmetically...
  2. Discount $11 - $40 OFF for DIYMA members @

    (VM Innovations)
    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that there is a special discount for DIYMA members @ our online store Promo code VMIDIYMA will take up to $40 off of your purchase, here is a detailed break-down: $11 off $150 or more $22 off $300 or more $40 off $600 or more (expires on 06/06) We are...
  3. FS: BNIB DIYMA R12 $90 picked up in Southern NJ

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    I think I may have taken this out of the box once to look at it. It's been in my apartment ever since. DIYMA R12 Subwoofer... you know the drill. $90 picked up from my apartment in Marlton, NJ (20-25 mins outside of Philly). If I can't sell it locally I may ship it, but shipping these is...
  4. FS: 2 NIB DIYMAs (local pickup in South NJ) $150 both or $85 ea

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    The one won't fit where I wanted to put it... oops? And the other I just bought because it was $100 and I'm an idiot and somehow thought two would work where even one does not. Ended up buying a PG RSDc 10 that actually fits from the amazon sale so I don't need these. One was bought from...
  5. 2x DIYMA R12 /// JL AUDIO 300/2 BLACK .. 2x 8w7

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    Hey guys, just getting rid of some excess audio equipment. I have two DIYMA r12's. One has been played ONCE for about 5-10 minutes. The other is brand new in box. 115$ Shipped/per to your door. I also have a Brand new in box JL audio 300/2 Limited edition black. 210$ Shipped...