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  1. Canadian Online Speaker Store

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Well hi there. My name is Trevin and this is my first post on the site. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer. I have a very noobish question indeed. Okay so after some deliberation - and the reading of a few articles which I found through this site - I selected two pairs of drivers...
  2. <$200 Raw Drivers for Active 2-Way

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    All, I'd been reading through another "Help Me Pick Raw Drivers" thread, but opted to start my own so as not to hijack his, given his was for a 3-way setup. Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade my current speakers (basic Pioneer tweeters and Infinity 6.5 coaxial as woofer only) and go to an active...
  3. FS: Scanspeak Illuminator D3004 Tweeters (2)

    Selling a pair of Scanspeak Illuminator D3004's: these tweeters are some of the very best made, period. I used them in my old car, which I have now traded in for a new one I'm not willing to mess with. They were powered by a JL Audio 450/4v2 amp in a sound quality setup (not output, these were...
  4. Focal Utopia 6W3Be Woofers

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Focal 6W3Be Utopia Be Woofers (pair) These are the woofers from the Focal Utopia Be 3 way No7 Kit. Condition of all items: These were used for 2 years in my sq car. Both are in good condition and in perfect working order. Total Price: : $375 shipped for the pair to...
  5. Dayton Reference Drivers RS52 RS150 RSS210

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Selling a bunch of Dayton Reference Series speakers from my SQ system. If you're here, you already know how awesome these drivers are. All speakers were used with high crossover points (listed below). Meaning they were all very gently used. All in excellent condition. Pics at the end of the...
  6. FS: JL Audio 12W7 sub

    Car Audio Classifieds
  7. another blown driver :(

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    i've been doing my own installs for over 8 years now, and i've blown probably 20 drivers... never a tweet or a horn. i can't seem to find a mid that can play low at high volumes and crank like hell. i listen to mostly metal. i need to find a mid that can take some serious abuse and sound good...
  8. New compression driver for Veritas horns

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I'm looking for something to try instead of the B&C DE500 I am using now. They need to be 1", 2 bolt and under 5.25" in size if possible. They will be used on Veritas horn bodies. Obviously I want something that plays as low as possible. Here are the BMS...