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  1. May Day Sale

    (Second Skin)
    May is right around the corner and the weather is getting nice everywhere to get out and do some sweet installs, so Second Skin is offering 20% off all products this May Day weekend only!!! SALE DETAILS
  2. New Flat Rate USPS Damp Pro Build Pack

    (Second Skin)
    Check out the new sound deadening package offered by Second Skin Insulation…..customers have spoken and we have responded with a great new Damplifier Pro Build Pack that will ship to any state in the great USA for under $15 in 2-3 business days (Canada/Mexico is $47 & most anywhere else in the...

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey everybody. Im a 2-channel home audio guy brand new to this site needing help with car audio. My current head unit is kenwood excelon 599, 2 old school amps recommended to me for SQ : they are two matching ADS power plate PQ10 4 channel 45 watts/ch and I'm running both of them bridged, one...
  4. New Half Roll of MLV Luxury Liner

    (Second Skin)
    Check out the newly added Luxury Liner half roll Mass Loaded Vinyl from Second Skin Audio. Same great quality as our full roll Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 90 sqft and 115 lbs, but now offered in a lighter half roll version of Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 45 sqft and 45 lbs. The full...
  5. Free shipping now until 1/2/2014

    (Second Skin)
    Second Skin is having a New Year’s sale! Now through New Year’s Day get free shipping on any order over $150! Just type FIREWORKS in the discount box when checking out at Learn More »
  6. 20% off sale! Discount code inside

    (Second Skin)
    So I heard you guys like discounts: Use code HOLLY20 valid through Christmas day and good for 20% off any order $100 and up! That's an extra $20 in your pocket MINIMUM!
  7. B-Stock in stock!

    (Second Skin)
    Hey, check it out we just got in some more B-Stock! We just started boxing and have several packages of the Damplifier Pro B-Stock ready to go. The Regular Damplifier will be available as soon as we find it and box it up! This great deal does sell out fast so get your order in soon!
  8. Firewall Liquid Thermal Insulation

    (Second Skin)
    Hey guys! We've been getting some inquiries about a product we used to carry called Firewall. Firewall is a ceramic coating similar to the Spectrum, but rather than block sound it blocks heat using microscopic glass spheres instead of dense materials. What do you guys think, sound like...
  9. Dynamat????

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I just installed a 12” VM audio sub and an amp in my car. The sound is great, but when I turn up the volume real high the trunk rattles around a lot. I’ve been looking into Dynamat and I’m pretty sure I’m going to use some to dampen the rattling. Has anyone here used it before? Do you recommend it?
  10. Second Skin Sample Packs - Now available!

    (Second Skin)
    If you are in the market for high quality sound and heat insulation, and would like to check it out hands on here is your chance: Second Skin Audio is now offering free sample packs! Check them out here!
  11. Fourth of July Sale!

    (Second Skin)
    Happy fourth of July from Second Skin! Starting the fourth and going through the 7th get free ground shipping to the lower 48 states on any order over $100 using code FIREWORKS(case sensitive)
  12. B-Stock Pro is back - quantities are very limited!

    (Second Skin)
    We heard you were fans of B-Stock Damplifier Pro, so we went ahead and gathered all of the odd-shaped pieces we could find and put them in 40+lbs boxes and put them on our website so you can buy them. If you missed your last chance to get your hands on some seriously discounted, seriously...
  13. Memorial weekend sale!

    (Second Skin)
    We at Second Skin are excited for the long weekend ahead of us, and we wanted to be sure everyone else was too, so from now until Monday the 27th, Second Skin Audio will be running a sale for free shipping to the lower 48States on any order over $100! Use the code MemorialShip(case-sensitive) at...
  14. Tax return sale!

    (Second Skin)
    So it's tax time again, which means paperwork:furious: and tax refunds:rockon: so i think it might be time for a sale! We haven't done a tiered sale in a while, so here it is: TXRTN10: 10% off any order over $124.99 TXRTN15: 15% off any order over $249.99 TXRTN20: 20% off any order over $499.99...
  15. Second Skin on Two Guys Garage

    (Second Skin)
    Second Skin products will be installed as part of a Mustang Mach1 restoration. Check out the premier of Two Guys Garage episode #1204 On the SPEED network SATURDAY - 4/13/13 @ 10:30 AM EST SUNDAY - 4/14/13 @ 9:00 AM WEDNESDAY - 4/17/13 @ 4:30 PM :laugh:
  16. April Sale

    (Second Skin)
    Since we missed having an April Fools Day sale here is one for ya! Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states. Good for any order over $100.00 valid until 04/07/2013, Use promo code HEAVY100 case sensitive.;)
  17. One last Christmas sale!

    (Second Skin)
    So, with Christmas only hours away, I'm sure most of you are done with your Christmas shopping. If you missed all of the great holiday sales we had because you were too busy being selfless and spending your money on present for others, and now you find yourself out of cash, don't worry! starting...
  18. Second Skin Facebook Sale

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    Hey Everybody! :beerchug: We just reached 10,000 likes on facebook! :beerchug: To celebrate we're having a sale the likes of which we have never had before! Check it out here: https://www.facebook...ondSkinAudioLLC Don't forget to like our page if you like what you see! We appreciate it...
  19. Need Dynamat installer to do trunk/rear decklid - San Diego

    Professional Installer Locator & Review Forum
    Car is an Audi A5 looking to get trunk/trunk lid and rear decklid done with Dynamat. Just do not have the time, space, or experience to do it myself. Location is SD area. If I have no other options, may be willing to drive up north to LA. If anyone in SD has a garage and knows how to do it and...
  20. 12 Days of Christmas Sale! - Second Skin Audio

    Vendor Deals
    We will be unwrapping a new deal every other day leading up to Christmas. The deals start tomorrow, so come back and check them out! Happy Holidays! From, The Second Skin Team