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  1. Ebay 15% off until 8pm ET

    Daily deal 15% off : "How to redeem your Coupon: Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions). Pay for your item by 8:00 PM Eastern Time on November 21, 2018 Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PICKFAST Coupon is only valid when you buy within the latest version of the...
  2. Help needed with Hertz/Rainbow Purchase

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all... I know it might have been asked before, but I couldn't find my answer. Please let me know your opinions on the following. I am looking to upgrade the audio system in my small hatchback. I've finalised these according to my budget: 1) 80PRS 2) PPI p900.4 3) Rainbow SL-S12 (In...
  3. Zapco studio 300x

    Zapco Studio 300x Car Amplifier | eBay Here's my listing. I'm kinda new as a member of the forum but have been reading it for years. Figured some people here would be interested in this. I switched to an arc audio 4 channel to go active, so my baby is up for sale. I've owned it since 2007 with...
  4. FOCAL 165KRX2 from Italy??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Has anyone here purchased equipment from "techsoundsystem-shop" from Italy on Ebay? He has a lot of great reviews and the best price I can find on NEW KRX2 components. If he is legit and the product is authentic, can anyone think of any reasons NOT to buy from him? i.e. warranty issues, etc...
  5. Hybrid Audio Technology Imagine I51-2

    I have brand new in new box well kept HAT Imagine I51-2 car speakers. These were never powered or installed box just opened to click some pics. Hybrid Audio Technology Imagine I51-2 No reserve price, shipping is at actual depending upon location.
  6. Look what this guy's "Buy It Now" price is!!!

    Get a load of this fella..... Eclipse CD8052 8 volt preouts ultra rare NR! | eBay
  7. Zapco and other equipment

    Nikola Engineering is clearing out some of our old stock including several Zapco pieces that Robert Zeff had intended to use for his home stereo but never did get around to doing. Check out our auctions here. sequimeng items - Get great deals on Computers Networking, Business Industrial...
  8. Cerwin Vega Stroker

    Hot Deals
    Title says it all. Cerwin S1000.1 4 on ebay, with 6 more from another seller. $320 w/ free shipping. Don't know how you guys feel about the G class or the brand, but I thought it might interest some users. Cerwin Vega S1000.1 1000W STROKER Series Monoblock Amp - eBay (item 190448312272 end...
  9. nightflyte50 CDA-9853 - no reserve then asks for more money

    Sales Feedback Forum
    Just a heads up on this scammer and his relisted deck. I decided I wanted to get a deck with processing. I found a CDA-9853 with acceptable shipping, no reserve, not much action and only 4hrs left. I bid and won it for $96US. Woohoo. Or so I thought. ALPINE CDA-9853 MP3/WMA CD Receiver on...