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  1. Morel elate 603 feeler

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    Good night everyone, hope all are staying safe, well im back after a really long time, family and job kept me away from the forum and car audio alltogether, some of you know how it goes. To not Make it too long I have a morel elate 6, 3 way como set I bought a number of years ago, from a forum...
  2. Morel Elate SW6

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    Product Brand & Model: Morel Elate 6.5 inch Woofer Condition of all items: Very good +, Slight amout of residue on upper surface of mounting ring from attaching baffle to door panel, used for about 1 year Total Price: : $245.00 Shipping Terms: : Free shipping to lower 48, No...
  3. Suzuki Swift SQ Build - Sound Monitor, Morel, McIntosh, Infinity, Kenwood, Stinger,

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    Hello everyone I have been a keen follower of DIYMA and finally decided to make an account to share my setup and the upgrades here. :) So it started from this beauty which I bought a year ago. Its a Suzuki Swift in Pearl Blue color. Its a pretty decent hatchback with good acoustic environment...
  4. Exodus Anarchy and Morel Elate 6.5"

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    Product Brand & Model: Morel Elate 6.5" components Condition of all items: BNIB, unused, not powered, Never mounted Total Price: : $620.00 for Morel Elates Shipping Terms: : Free shipping within United States. Will not ship outside United States. Pictures: - Unless you are a...
  5. HUGE SALE!! McINTOSH, MOREL, DYN, AUDISON! 56K grab lunch

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    I am getting out of car audio for good. Well maybe not for good, but at least for a while. I am trying to simply my life and starting and active 2-way setup is not exactly helping.. All items, with the exception of the McIntosh amp, were purchased on DIYMA. The Bit One, MT23’s, and MW160’s were...
  6. Morel Elate SW9s or Elate 9 2-way component for cash/trade

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    Hello all, This is my first posting; hopefully the first of many! I bought a Morel Elate 9 2-way component set from a friend a few months ago. He bought them new about a year ago and since decided to go with some Focals. I've installed the crossovers and the tweets and was planning to make...
  7. Morel Elate 3 Way Questions. Opinions and advice needed.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have a 3 Way Morel Elate set that I have and before doing anything, I'd like to keep my options open. So, on to the questions. 1.) Can anyone comment on the difference in sound of the Mt-23's and Supremo/Piccolo Tweeters? 2.) Will running a Supremo/Piccolo Tweeter to the set (in...