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  1. Hooking my amp up

    DIY Music Forum
    when I was hooking up my amp every time I’ll try to buy the red power wire into the amp it will make a big spark and the fuse will blow so I took the fuse out and put the power cord in then try the fuse but the fuse will blow. Please help!!!!!
  2. Off and On Electrical Noise in system

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I just finished upgrading the stereo system on my Jaguar XE. I have the outs running into an MS-8 and then into 2 4 channel Dual Class D amps. I have all the grounds run to one location via a distribution strip hooked to the master grounding place on the vehicle (battery is in the trunk.)...
  3. Powering Bluetooth Adapter from Fuse Tap?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay, this doesn't exactly have to do with speakers, but it does involve a Bluetooth audio adapter and wiring, so I hope this isn't too out of place. :P The power outlets in my car are always on, a feature that I don't like, but oh well. I'm using a Bluetooth adapter (SoundBot SB360) that is...
  4. FS: 300 amp Alternator Excessive Amperage Brand NEW

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Excessive Amperage 300amp Alternator Condition of all items: Brand NEW!!! Built for a 2015 Toyota Corolla. I sold the car before I could install this. It puts out 230 amps at 800rpm and 300 amps peak. Built in 14.4 v regulator. Build a bracket and slap it on whatever...
  5. Odd noise possible short?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    1 pioneer head unit deh midbrand. 2x Polk mm1540dvc isobaric 1ohm Polk 1200watt amp 2 pair MM571 polk 500 watt 2channel bridged. Shuriken 2000W and 1500w crank So, one day I am playing within range 48 out of 62 volume well below clip and distortion. Output on sub amp 14-16vac. Speaker amp...
  6. Biggest newbee to audio

    General Car Audio Discussion
    2005 Silverado. I kinda dove deep and purchased an alpine f65 supporting the spr 60c in the front and sps 406 in the back and an alpine m240 supporting 2x pdr 12d4. My ? is what kinda alternator , battery, cap, etc do I need to support all this power. My current set up is stock head unit with...
  7. electrical help

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice running my electric for my new system. im looking at running 2 XS D3100 batteries with a AQ3500D.1 amp pushing 2 loaded Fi Bl 15's. i know i will need to at least put a 2nd alt on my truck ( 2007 f150 xlt 4 door) does anybody know what would...
  8. Electrical for 1200wrms in 2010 jetta

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I got a 2010 jetta on a lease so cant do much under the hood :worried: I currently am gettin a Pierce audio wmd 10 d2 in a ported box and running it off a panasonic amp pushing 380wrms bridged with a 2 farad cap which kept voltage in my old car never lower than 13v. in my jetta the stock alt is...
  9. Using a Capacitor for main electrical instead of amp?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    i just thought of this idea today. Since caps "stiffen" the voltage for whatever is on the receiving end then would this help the electrical system such as the lights from dimming? i realize you would need a lot of farads in order for this to work well but it could be worth a try. Has anyone...
  10. FS: Kinetik HC2400 dry cell battery from HELL

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hello there! I forgot I had this to sell also. It weighs in at a less-than-ideal 69lbs or so, but it feels more like 147. don't worry, it comes with carrying hooks, but i wouldn't trust them if i were holding it up over, say, my already infected big toe :o i'll sell for $200 PLUS shipping...