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  1. FS: Alpine F#1 Status DVI-9990, PXI-H990, TMI-M990

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine F#1 Status DVI-9990 Head Unit Alpine F#1 Status PXI-H990 DSP Alpine F#1 Status TMI-M990 Single DIN Display Condition of all items: All items got clean bill of health from Alpine in May of 2016. I have not opened them up since then. I guarantee no DOA...
  2. Alpine CDA-7990R Alpine PXA-H900

    New Alpine F 1 CDA 7990 FM Am CD Player | eBay New Alpine F 1 PXA H900 Digital Signal Processor F1 | eBay
  3. WTB: Alpine KCI-500B and MRV-F900

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine KCI-500B converter Alpine MRV-F900 F#1 amplifier Condition of all items: MRV-900 in mint condition, KCI-500B just needs to be working. Total Price: Please send offers by PM Shipping Terms: Shipping either to Reston, VA or Estonia. Estonia is preferred OFC... :)...
  4. 2012 Chevrolet Corsa 1.4- (4way active system)

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    Hey guys, here's the install I recently did in my Corsa. Hope you like! Headunit Clarion HX-D2SE . . AMPS MR+TW : Alpine MRV-F900 F#1 Status MB+Sub: Fosgate Punch 800a4 . . SPEAKERS Tweeter: Scan Speak Illuminator D3004-6020-00 Midrange: HAT L3SE Midbass: HAT L6 Subwoofer: IDQ 10V3-D2 ...
  5. Alpine F1 Status - Complete System

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine F1 Status - Complete System - DVI-9990, TMI-M990, PXI-H990. Condition of all items: Very Good. Purchased from Alpine F1 dealer. Installed and uninstalled once, and by authorized dealer. Comes with all original boxes, manuals, remotes, accessories and wiring...
  6. FS; Alpine F#1 Status SPX-Z18T & MRV-F900

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    For Sale; SPX-Z18T - $1000 obo + Shipping Alpine's Highest End Speakers 3-Way Component System With Box Lightly Used MRV-F900 - $1000 obo + Shipping Alpine's Highest End Amp 4/3/2 Channel Amp With Box Lightly Used Everything was installed in late Spring and used for the summer until the...
  7. **Alpine F#1 Amps, McIntosh Amps, Focal Utopia, Misc Items**

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    I am selling lots of stuff again, trying to clean out the closets (different than coming out of the Here are the pics for everything: Stuff for sale DIYMA pictures by niebur3 - Photobucket If you have any problems, I can send pics to any email. PayPal is [email protected]
  8. Alpine F#1 PXA-H900

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    Up for sale is what I consider the best car audio processor ever made. I'm not happy selling it, but I've decided to take the KISS route for the next version of my install. It has a brand new display that I managed to source from Europe. Alpine doesnt have the displays anymore in the US. The...
  9. Alpine F#1 Passive Crossovers - 2 Way

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    Model Number: SPX-Z15M Used just to test to make sure that they work. Missing one screw in the top cover, but otherwise in pristine shape. They work 100% and would work well with Alpine F#1 Drivers or the Scan Equivalent Drivers. Can be Bi-Amped and have a bunch of on or off axis controls in...