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  1. Alpine F1 Status HU, Processor, Monitor, Focal 13WS sub, Milbert Bam 230

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    Product Brand & Model: ALPINE PXI-H990 F1 Status Processor, ALPINE DVI-9990R and Alpine TMI-M990 monitor Milbert BAM 230 FOCAL UTOPIA 13WS 5 inch SUBWOOFERS (pair) Condition of all items: Alpine F1 - 8/10 Milbert Bam 230 - 9/10 Focal - brand new Total Price: : Alpine F1 - $2400 obo...
  2. 2007 H3. Forget the fiberglass mess!

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    Just thought I'd share my Hummer H3 install. Nakamichi CD400 Zapco SP4-SL JL Audio HD900/5 Focal 165 VR3 Focal Utopia 27WX Head Unit/ EQ: I chose the Nak CD400 and Zapco SP4 over a Pioneer P99 or Clarion 9255 strictly based on the fact I do not like scrolling through a bunch of digital menus...
  3. FS: Focal Mids 3W2

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    Product Brand & Model: Focal mids 3W2 Condition of all items: Used Total Price: : 500USD Shipping Terms: : Buyer pays Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling. Additional...
  4. Alpine V12 amps, JL 500/1, 300/2, 300/4, focal utopia 6w1 and 165v3 xover

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    Bought a house and ran into some money issues during a DIY renovation. Figured the car audio stuff is on hold anyway while i'm fixing up the house so i'll sell it to make more room in the reno budjet. Al except the alpine MRV-T420 have the box and manuals, all amps are in very good condition...