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  1. 2010 Ford Expedition Install

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Hey everyone - I haven't done an install in over 10 years, but thought I'd give it a go in my new ride! :) It is a really simple install compared to some of the builds here, but it sounds great and is mostly hidden... I kept the factory Stereo / Nav / Rear Entertainment system for many...
  2. Ford Torino install

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am looking at running a very basic setup in a 1970 Ford Torino. This is a restoration project that I do not want to modify heavily... I am strongly considering Focal 270V3's... I have always been a fan of the focal line up. My goals are minimal modification, great sound and a semi-factory...
  3. thinking about getting a ford f150 supercrew

    Off Topic
    So i'm thinking about selling one of my cars and replacing it with a newer mode (04+)l ford f150 supercrew. I have a house and find myself limited on the projects i take on because i lack a vehicle to pick up supplies (like sheets of plywood). I also need a 4 seater for when guests come visit...
  4. Ford Explorer Worklog. Fiberglass work & more

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    2002 Ford Explorer -Older Pioneer Head Unit -Beyma RF One Components -The Big Memphis Belle -Sub: Not sure yet. -Possible Dayton RS-180's for midbass Glass work: -Custom A-Pillars -Box and amp rack. Here's the start: