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  1. How to go about EQing this frequency response? (with pics)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Here is an example of my front speakers frequency response (Sub off. tweeters and mids are on active crossover @ 3.5 kHz). As you can see, the 100-300Hz range of my midrange speakers is much lower than the 400Hz-3.5kHz range. So do I EQ the 400Hz-3.5kHz range DOWN to this level, with the...
  2. Tuning Of Split Port (Double Baffle)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all, quick question that I couldn't seem to find the answer to anywhere else Referring to this image How does the tuning work in a double baffle configuration where the port width effectively changes along its length? Do you use the wider or the narrower width...
  3. avoiding subs cancelling

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So lately I've been considering putting two 10s in sealed boxes behind the front seats, on the floor of my accord, however, I already have one 15 in the trunk. My question is, would putting two 10s in sealed boxes firing upward cause any cancellation or funky business? I don't know much about...
  4. EQ app for subs? Subwoofer damage?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I know this is a car auido forum but this question pertains to a recent shelf system i have purchased. I have an app on my iphone called equalizer. It allows you to boost the bass up to 14db. Right when i recieved the shelf system of course i plug everything in, set the bass boost up to 14db and...
  5. Need help with Alpine Pdx f4 and alpine spR 65 speakers

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Pdx f 4 amp powering type r components up front and coax in the back. I also have the alpine 149bt head unit. I have no subs, so would I leave the amp crossover on full range? Or set up a high/low range with proper frequencies? What's really weird and frustrates me is I swear everytime I drive...
  6. LPF, HPF and FULL

    General Car Audio Discussion
    im newbie.. can I ask something about frequency and LPF and HPF and Full.. I have 4 channel amplifier and 6.5" midrange raw drive speaker. and tweeter.. I don't know if I put to FULL or HPF.. and if I put to HPF what frequency is the best for 6.5 raw drive speaker.. I don't know the frequency...
  7. Best way to achieve flat subwoofer frequency response

    General Car Audio Discussion
    What is the best way to have all the frequencies that a subwoofer plays output at the same volume. I have an Arc12d2 v2 and it gets quiet on the low frequencies. I would like those lows to be as loud as the rest of the frequencies. I would like to quiet the louder higher frequencies to match...
  8. a crossover question

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So I have a 2-way crossover designed for 2-ohm midbass and 2-ohm tweeter. What exactly will happen to the crossover frequency if I use a 4-ohm load at the tweeter with a 2-ohm midbass in that crossover?
  9. Need help deciding on mid-drivers to match rest of system. Imaging?'s Box?'s Xover?'s

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Please address as many of the questions as you can and feel free to elaborate on to any other area of the set up. Expertise is very much appreciated. I listen to a lot of rock music. Info below----- Car: 91 Civic Hatchback (3 door) Headunit: JVC KD-SH909 Front door speakers: Eclipse SP6510 -...