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  1. Need help with fuses !!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey, im upgrading my amp to 1000 watts and running 4 ga wire, im gonna need a new inline fuse, my amp manual says recommended 80amp fuse rating, should i put exactly and 80amp fuse or would it hurt to use a 100amp fuse? which would be better to use
  2. HELP! tried 2 head units and not working?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I recently upgraded my stereo for my seat ibiza, from the standard alba, to a Pioneer MVH-180Ui. I fitted it all fine and it was working perfectly until my friend rather annoyingly cranked it up to max volume when listening to some Jamie XX. Seconds after the stereo simply blacked out, and i...
  3. Ground/power wire, gauge, and fuse options

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    should I run the inline fuse holders with a 150 amp fuse within 1 foot of the battery and then fuses to match the amp fuses (80 amp for one amp and 60 amp for the other) or all three with 150 amp fuses? [/url][/IMG] heres what my setup is gonna look like- Should I run 8g wire from the dist...