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  1. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello everyone i’m pretty new to this forum and was hoping any of you can help out with this static noise issues i’m having. The noise happens when i put the car on drive then all that static noise kicks, it almost sounds like a live wire sparking. it also does it intermittently and less loud...
  2. Boats And Marine
    Hey, so I'm looking for any ideas and advice that would help me out with an audio install on my boat. I have attempted this install twice and both times have gotten some feedback and interference. It is driving me insane. I have souldered connections and made sure that my RCA wires are not...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi! I've been re-installing my car DSP, amps and sub in my 2017 Jaguar XE. I am having issues where some pieces are on and not others and it is intermittent. Here are the details of my circuit: The battery is in the trunk so runs of cable are small. I'm running 2 Gauge off my battery for 8...
1-3 of 3 Results