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  1. bass cuts out, rca line out problem

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, new here, 1st post. Getting back into car audio after maybe 10years. Trying to do it before my 3rd kid arrives. Just adding a sub into my 2014 Kia Sorento with factory HU with stock speakers for now. My goal, just looking for some low end thump, sq oriented. Not looking to wake up the...
  2. Cost and Effectiveness: Welding vs. Car Audio Cables & Ground Pointers

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I limited this to 0/1 AWG Cables to maintain perspective I would prefer welding/ battery cables to CCA, especially given the skin effect, but with the amount of money that is spent on your car audio system, the power and ground cables and procedures are not the areas to cut corners especially...
  3. Tweeters whining noise?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I just installed my new audio system. Amp:Pioneer GM-D9065 5 Channel Amp Front Speakers: Polk Audio DB6501 Component Back Speakers: Polk Audio DB521 Coaxial Sub: Not yet installed It sounds great, until I drive for a good amount of time, then the front driver side tweeter stops working and...
  4. Grounding. I've read too much. Please help.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Intro/info: Behind this kinda desperate thread topic, lies the result of internet's plethora of information/disinformation which one can read. I've now read and heard so many different things and contradictions, that I'm lost. Unfortunately, the car audio scene in my country, is a very small...
  5. Why is this JL setup clipping?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Someone of a newbie here, but I know a guy at work who has a 2014 Camaro, and he installed his own system. The amp is clipping at fairly high volume. The setup (all new equipment only a few weeks old ordered right from JL) Factory nav headunit JL Audio 1000.1 class D amp (not sure what...
  6. Help with Alternator whine! BMW M5

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Please help me diagnose and correct this alternator whine. I am somewhat of a noob, so please be gentle....... Car: 2001 BMW M5, battery is in the trunk Setup: Kenwood DNX9980HD (double din GPS, top of the line a year or so ago, recently bought used for a reputable person), JL HD900/5...
  7. alternator whine DISASTER!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    When i installed my second hifonics amp, i started picking up the alternator whine and some buzzing through the speakers. I bought a stinger ground loop isolator and plugged it in between my daisy chained amps, and the whine did not change. So, i grounded the tiny little red wires that were...
  8. Static shock when i exit the car?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    When i get out of my car and go to shut the door i get a shock. Is this due to a bad ground on the amp?
  9. Clicks, Pops, alternator whine

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Just getting a new KDC-X994 into the dash with a Metra 99-3303 kit. While I was waiting for the kit I had the HU in the back connected with the amps and cross-overs sharing the same ground and power connections, etc. As soon as I moved it up front I noticed an increase in hiss (I never heard...