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  1. WTB: HAT Imagine Tweeter Flush Mounting Hardware

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    Product Brand & Model: Want to buy HAT Imagine I61-2 tweeter flush mount hardware Condition of all items: Presentable Total Price: : $10 shipped or less? Shipping Terms: : I need these by Friday. Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are...
  2. HAT L1 Pro, 3w2 Be's, 6k2p, Cat 5 and other goodies

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    Product Brand & Model: HAT L1 Pros, Focal Utopia 3w2 be, Focal 6K2P, Focal 3" grills, Focal tweeter mounts, +/- 900 feet CAT 5 cable Condition of all items: All item are in good working condition. The HAT L1 Pro's have barely been used. Total Price: : HAT L1 Pro's $250.00, Focal Utopia...
  3. Help with OS and new hardware

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    After my mobo was blown from a bad psu, i got all new hardware, and booted up last night. Asus m2n-sli AMD 5000+ athlon x2 64 4GB DDR2 PNY Gforce 8600 512mb Using the same old soundcard, and all drives, HDD, and DVD. Soundcard is SB platinum 2 ZS 24/96k with optical outs :D Booted up the...