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  1. FS: Mint Old School Orion 2100 HCCA Comp

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    Orion 2100 HCCA Competition Amplifier **MINT CONDITION** RARE!!! 1. Product: Orion 2100 HCCA Competition Amp (Gen 3) **MINT** 2. Specs: Following specs are “official” and are rated at 12 volts: (output increases with increased supply voltage as these amps where designed without regulated...
  2. ***WANTED*** Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs

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    Product Brand & Model: I'm looking for Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs that are in **NEW, MINT, or EXCELLENT** condition. They must have dual 2 Ohm voicecoils. These are not the late model subs that are so common. These were built in '99 - '00 just before Orion's buy out by DEI. I'm looking...
  3. bridging module for hcca 225 g1

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    I am looking for some help building a module for this hcca 225. This amp has the din plug between the rca jacks, this is what is making me belive it is gen 1. I am wondering if just building a custom rca to the right channel (flipping the signal wire to the outside and the shield wire to the...
  4. Orion 225r?

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    Can anyone tell me more about this amp, as in, how many versions there are, if it's worth picking up, if it's underrated, etc.? Somebody local is selling one that appears to be in good condition; however, all the pictures/info I pull up show a 225r that has a slightly different casing, as is...