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helix p-dsp

  1. its a 4way system versus the S.Q ? or its allowed?

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    i have a question,,,, I have a 3 wAY SYSTEM focal krx3 midbass and focal krx3 midrange image dynamics tweeters from xs65 and idmax12 , all active.on mcIntosh 6channel amp and jl hd amps, all system running tru a helix p-dsp, audio processor. there,s an option to put additional speakers on my...
  2. Helix P-DSP

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    Product Brand & Model: Helix P-DSP Condition of all items: 10/10 The box has been opened for pics and to bench test. Thats it! Absolutely mint, not a mark on it, BNIB condition. Total Price: : Retail is 799.00 plus tax. I'm one of very few people that have one in the states, SO LET'S TALK...