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  1. F/S Hertz Hi Energy HCX 165 6.5" coaxials

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    I bought these and had them installed for one week. They are like new. Please check out my 100% seller rating on eBay. I'm selling these on eBay but I will let these go from DIYMA for $165.00 shipped. PM me if interested. I can't use them with my Audison Thesis system. Hertz Hi-Energy HCX 165...
  2. Like New! Hertz Hi Energy HCX 165 Coaxials- First $189 shipped

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Like New -Hertz Hi Energy HCX 165 Coaxials. I only had installed for one week and I can't use them since I'm getting the Audison K3 Orchestras so I figured they would benefit someone else. First person with $189.00 shipped gets them before I put them on eBay.