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  1. BMW 2011 E92 - Mosconi D2 100.4 DSP / Gladen One 201 / Gladen M-Line 100.2

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Coming up very soon...I can't wait to install the new Mosconi D2 100.4 DSP. The D2 will power up each corner, while the M-Line amplifier will be dedicated to run the mid bass drivers under the seats. The car will be coded to HIFI too in order to flatten the radio EQ curve from factory. The...
  2. Homebuilt Hi-Fi website

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Just wanted to make you guys aware of a new website I've been developing; Homebuilt Hi-fi. (Hopefully it's OK to post about this here given my site is not car audio specific, but moderators feel free to delete if I'm breaching any regulations.) This is not another audio forum, but rather a...