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  1. VOLVO V50 - New SQ project

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi all. 'Poached an interior pic and drew some circles. If you have an opinion, I'd really like to hear it. Sound quality and imaging are the absolute top priority. Car has the premium factory system with optical to the amp/processor in the back. This is a well-documented nightmare to work with...
  2. '01 F-150 Screw - trying not to suck.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey Guys, It's an old Screw. Everything was ganked about 2 weeks ago - so I get to start again. Previous setup was a simple stock location re-fit. Quart QM 160's all around. Alpine juice. I need it to last a few more years. I don't mind swapping drivers around, but I need to get placement...