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  1. Static Noise From JL Fix86

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Been working on an install on my '19 Civic for a few weeks now. I decided to run a JL Fix86 to clean the signal and fix the bass roll-off that is built into the Factory HU. After getting everything set up and multiple attempts/tweaks I consistently get a constant static noise coming from...
  2. Help with White Noise / Static in Front Speakers with 4-channel AMP

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Ok so i had installed a cheap pair of component speakers last month with a very cheap amp. Well the tweeters had static, so i thought it was the amp or speakers. I recently purchased a set of Morel Maximo 6's and a MB Quart ONX4.80 AMP. Well guess what the static is still there. The White...
  3. Advice on using mosconi 6to8 with 8200nex vs just using built in crossover / TA

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I currently have a 4runner with entune premium, no jbl, running to a mosconi 6to8 and then to an arc audio 1200.6 then to morel 2 way active fronts and mb quart subs. I am going to install a 8200nex in the next day or two because I am unsatisfied with the sound from the entune. I was hoping...
  4. JBL MS-* Noise issues (2013 Ford Fusion OEM integration)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have recently installed a JBL MS-8 processor, after having read many of the reviews and several threads on this very forum. My goal was to bump up the factory output level, fix up the sound stage, and add a subwoofer to the system. To be clear, I wanted to both improve the quality and the...
  5. Eq hiss

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a MA Audio 30eqx that hisses when powered up even though the gains are turned all the way down and there is nothing plugged into the inputs. I know it's not the amps because my eqt's don't do it when I hook them up or go straight into the amp from the head unit. I know MA Audio...
  6. Clicks, Pops, alternator whine

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Just getting a new KDC-X994 into the dash with a Metra 99-3303 kit. While I was waiting for the kit I had the HU in the back connected with the amps and cross-overs sharing the same ground and power connections, etc. As soon as I moved it up front I noticed an increase in hiss (I never heard...