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  1. TOA Compression Drivers

    I see these pop up from time to time. Japanese made apparently. Anyone have any history with them?
  2. I'm going crazy...processor and id horns HELP!!!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I'm going so crazy right now. I have a 2013 mustang GT with the sync system. I wanted to retain the factory sync and stereo, so I picked up an alpine PXEH660 for integration. I have ID mini horns under the dash, all nice and flush with the bottom. They image great, but sound like they are...
  3. 2013 mustang gt build log (slow motion)

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    So this is my first true build log. This is a pretty busy time of the year for me at work, so that could slow things a bit, but I will try to make as much progress as I can throughout the build. I still don't have all of my parts for the build, namely my final amp configuration and any sound...
  4. Image Dynamics Horns and Drivers

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: ID mini body horns with CD PRO drivers Condition of all items: Used. Working. The mounting flanges have been cut down to the minimum size possible (8.5" wide) without effecting the horn. One of the tabs for mounting the driver to the horn body is broken; I can fix this...
  5. FS: 2 sets of ID horns cd2's

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    For Sale 2 Personal Sets of Image Dynamics CD2 Horns 1 Mylar Diaphragm 1 Titanium Diaphragm Asking 200.00 A pair Shipped to continental US OBO Thanks For Looking
  6. FS: 2 sets of ID horns cd2's

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    Hello all, I have 2 sets of USED horns for sale. 1 Mylar cd2 big body 1 CD2 titanium big body. Asking 175.00 or 200.00 Shipped. Thanks,
  7. 2009 C6 Corvette - Horns, OE source

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    This is a 2009 Z51 coupe with the LS3 engine and 6 speed manual transmission. I have plans for the powertrain, so the audio install reflects some of the performance oriented goals of the car. I'm paying a lot of attentention to thermal issues and weight. I sold my e36 M3 and kept the majority...
  8. FS: Illusion Audio CH-1 horns HLCD

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    I have a used set of Illusion Audio CH-1 horns that I am selling for $300 shipped and paypalled. Also looking for 5/6 channel amps. Image: Image: Image...
  9. Feeler: Illusion Audio CH-1 horns and nd-8's FS

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    I have a pair of Illusion Audio CH-1 horns that were used for about 2 months, and a BNIB pair of nd-8's that are BNIB, and meant for .4ft3 sealed enclosures. The 8's will include two 3/4" mdf fabrication rings that I made, and the optional grills that Illusion offered for the 8's. I have been...