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  1. Hybrid Legatia L1 Pro R2 - Black (Used)

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    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Legatia L1 Pro R2 - Black (Used) Condition of all items: Used tweeters in amazing condition. Installed and removed professionally. Minor blimpish on bottom of tweeter, which is not visible to install. Total Price: : $375.00 (Firm) PM for quickest response...
  2. Hybrid Audio

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    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio L3 Condition of all items: Brand new, Un-powered. Speakers come with original box and packaging Total Price: Brand New In the Box - Never Powered - Still in Original Packaging: Shipping Terms: $180 - Payment Via Paypal: Pictures: See Attached Additional...
  3. Hybrid Audio - L6

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Condition of all items: Hybrid Audio L6 - Brand New Unused Total Price: $315.00 Brand New - Unused - Still in Original Boxes: Shipping Terms: Free Shipping to Lower 48 States. International PM your location for additional fees.: Pictures: Pictures attached...
  4. Quasi-active w/ HAT Imagine 6.5" Components & 4ch Amp

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Few quick questions, Currently running some old passive components (no rear fill) and an MB Quart RWE-354 sub off a U.S. Acoustics USB-4085. Decided it was time for an upgrade so I pulled the trigger on a set of HAT Imagine 6.5" components and an Audiopipe APSM-1300 as a dedicated sub amp...
  5. Help with my JL/HAT 1st build

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey everyone, I have put in many hours of research but still unclear on quite a few subjects. I'm Hoping some of you may guide me in the right direction! I have a 94 Honda Civic (2010 engine) Need help with the following plus more; choosing an amp, how to get best SQ from A-pillars (Like On/Off...