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  1. ***SOLD *** Hybrid Audio L3SE

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    Used for 6 months or so. Had to hot glue one + side terminal mount one of them. Does not affect functionality. Only marks are from mounting screws. 300 shipped in lower 48.
  2. FS: Hybrid Audio Unity Amp U4A

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    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio U4A Condition of all items: 10/10 Functional 6/10 Cosmetic (scratches/gouges on top) Just selling to go to a U5A Total Price: : $270 shipped. Shipping Terms: : I pay via USPS. Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader...

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: MOREL HYBRID INTEGRA 602 6.5" 2-WAY COAXIAL SPEAKERS (Point Source) Condition of all items: Brand New In Box Never Installed Total Price: $480 Including Shipping to lower 48 sates Price is firm and no trade. Shipping Terms: I will pay for shipping to 48 states...
  4. FS: LNIB HAT Legatia L1 Pro

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    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L1 Pro Tweeters Condition of all items: Like New In Box: They were installed in my car for about a weekend, only powered for 10 minutes while we figured out that I had a dead channel in an amp, then removed and put back in the box...
  5. WTB: Morel Hybrid tweeter mounting hardware

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I'm looking for the mounting hardware only for Morel Hybrid tweeters that came with the 402, 502, or 602 component sets. If you have this stuff sitting around, help a guy out :). Even if you don't have all of it, let me know what you do have, I can probably work with the surface mount if you...
  6. 2011 BMW E92 (coupe) 335IS Stereo Upgrade

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, I just picked up a 2011 black 335IS with DCT. Drawback is the car has base stereo (no HK / premium audio package). I usually drop aftermarket audio systems in the cars I own if it makes sense (installation and money spent for desired results). I am thinking of the following upgrade...
  7. HAT Clarus 12" Subwoofers

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio Technologies Clarus 12" 4ohm DVC Condition of all items: Excellent/Like New Total Price: $400/ea (two available) Shipping Terms: Shipping included Pictures: - Additional info: Selling two (2) Hybrid Audio Clarus 12" 4ohm DVC Subwoofers...
  8. Hybrid Audio Technologies L6v2 mid-bass drivers

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio Technologies L6v2 Condition of all items: Used in great condition Total Price: : $440 shipped in the CONUS obo Shipping Terms: :USPS Flat Rate or Ground UPS whichever works out best... Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last...
  9. tweeter replacement help

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay, so lately I've been considering replacing the tweeters from my morel hybrid ovation ii 6'' component set. I've heard a lot of good things about the H.A.T. L1 pro r2 tweets, so I was gonna try them out. The problem is, the minimum recommended crossover for them is 2khz @ 24 db/octave, and...
  10. 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid help

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So I called Crutchfield about adding a subwoofer system to my wife's 2014 Fusion Titanium Hybrid. She has had large systems in her last few vehicles, and does not want to stop here. However, a discussion with Crutchfield left me with some pretty disappointing information. He informed me that...
  11. Hybrid Audio Technologies L4SE

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Ebay Location: Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L4SE Midrange | eBay
  12. Hybrid Legatia and Arc Audio

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1 Arc Audio ALD............................................... ...$100 shipped 1 Arc Audio KS500.1 Mini........................................$280 Shipped 2 - Arc Audio KS125.4 Mini......................................$300 shipped each 2 pair Arc Audio...
  13. Hybrid Audio Scratch & Dents, Refurbs, Damaged Boxes - GREAT DEALS Semi-Annual Sale

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hybrid Audio Scratch & Dents, Refurbs, Damaged Boxes - GREAT DEALS Semi-Annual Sale Product Brand & Model: 2 sets Mirus M61-2 6.5-inch coaxials. Brand new in significantly damaged shipping/gift box. All parts inside are flawless and brand new. Full one-year warranty applies. $127.50/set...
  14. WTTrade/Sale: Jl W6v2, HAT L8v1, Pdx amps

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1) 12" Jl Audio W6v2D4 2) Hybrid Audio L8v1's 3) Alpine Pdx 2.150 4) Alpine Pdx 1.600 Condition of all items: 1) used, just bought from southeastcustomz, looks great, performs flawlessly 2) used, little dusty, bought from huckleberry 3) used, minor wear and tear, 4)...
  15. Bobwires SQL Shop Truck

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Hello All Here's a recent acquisition of mine. Gretchen, the '96 Dodge 1/2 ton. I'm installing a Sony head, JL Slash amps, Hybrid Legatia speakers, and DD 8" subs. Box comes first. (2) DD 1508's at 2.2ft3 tuned to 34hz. I'm keeping it really simple, no molding into any trim or...
  16. Hybrid Audio L4

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Hybrid Audio Technologies L4 Condition of all items: BRAND NEW - NEVER USED (Taken out the box to take pictures. Total Price: $200.00 - FIRM Shipping Terms: To Lower 48 States, payer pays shipping cost Pictures: All Pictures attached Additional info...
  17. North American Championships Commemorative Sale - April 6-30

    Vendor Deals
    We will maintain this thread to answer questions about the sale. For significantly faster service, please e-mail us at [email protected] Thread bumps greatly appreciated.
  18. Which components?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So im debating which components to get for my toyota tacoma. i want something with quality but nothing thats wayy out there. ive been thinking either alpine type-x ref 17s or Hybrid Audio Clarus/imagine series i can get the ref's for 189 new my local HAT dealer quoted 219 for the imagine...
  19. 06 Accord Hybrid - first phase

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Here is my first attempt at a real install. I have built some boxes and replaced factory head units and speakers before, but I've never done anything cool. This phase will only be my amp/sub install, I will have to put off doing the front stage for a while. My goals were: 1) Low budget -...
  20. HAT L1V2, IDMAX 12, RS180, ID OEM

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I was the lucky winner of Marv's Hybrid raffle so I will be getting rid of a few things I won't be using. First up are L1V2's in black. I've only had these for a couple days and I didn't have a chance to use them. I got these on a trade from Newtitan and won't be needing them now since I have...