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  1. Lexus GS300 Infinite Baffle

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    So another weekend on another car. This time it's a buddies car to do an Infinite baffle off the rear deck with a FI IB3 12". I really like the trunk of this car. HUGE. Stock 10-11" hole in the rear deck. Large flat area behind the rear seat to seal up the trunk. pics = 1000s of...
  2. IB output: (2)12 IB vs (1) 12 sealed

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    After seeing install log with bmw 5 series where owner utilizes skipass to do (2) 10" IB facing rear, I am wondering if I would be happier with (2) 12" IB, possibly even facing each other vs single sealed 12" that I have now riding with me on the back seat (not laughing). So, how would having...