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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hi People.. :) Greetings! DIYMA members! I'm Dev from India. i love to be in this forum to get update and understanding ICEing setups :laugh: from fellow members. Its really really good to be here! Thanks for accepting registration! B-Info:- Vehicle: Ford Figo (Hatchback) 80PRS Helix H236...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, I am a newbie here. Would like to get some help from the experts in this forum :) I am planning to do the following setup in my car: 1) HU - JVC AVX 830/840 2) Front - Infinity Kappa 6.5" comps 3) Rear - Infinity Kappa 6x9 4) Mono Amp - Alpine MRP 500 (bought already) 5) 4 channel...
1-2 of 2 Results