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  1. 2019 Lexus NX300 F Sport Speakers

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am getting ready to do some upgrades to the speakers and install an extra Subwoofer and amp. I have some pictures to show the gravity of the situation. I’m going with Infinity Kapa for the speakers to maintain the Harman brand. However the subwoofer is a dual voice coil 12” TC Sounds Titainium...
  2. Stock car stereo upgrade.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi all I am new the the Forums. Good to be here and excited to hear what you guys have to say. I am currently busy planning out my setup for my car. The whole system is stock at the moment. I have to admit the stock system in my car ain't that bad at all but I am looking for something that will...
  3. 2-way or 3-way upgrade-able front speakers

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi all, I have a Lexus GX470 custom system - everything is behind a Zapco DSP. I am looking for front speakers, focused on SQ. I'll initially be driving them with my Zapco 100wx4 RMS amp. Price point is $500. I have a badass custom sub+enclosure in the back and it's overpowering my front...
  4. Kia Infinity Upgrade

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have a 2015 Kia Optima with the Infinity Sound System in it. It states in the documentation that the Factory Head Unit connects to the Amplifier via Optical. Could I add an Audison BitOne with Optical In and Out in between the Factory stuff to get processing power?
  5. 2012 Toyota Prius V

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So I'm pretty much a complete newbie to the world of setting up DIY audio. With that being said, I may need some help/advice. I just purchased a 2012 Prius V and plan on dynapadding the doors for sound dampening, as well as a change to quieter tires. But, I also want to upgrade the sound system...
  6. Infinity MR472783 guts

    Equipment Repair and Modification
    Just wanted to share some pics of this. It's an Infinity/Harman amp out of my Dodge Stratus. Interestingly bare for an amp that has to power 7 speakers. No clue of the power output.
  7. RE XXX 2ohm Mids, Infinitys, amps

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: RE XXX 2ohm Mids Infinity Kappa 682.7CF 6x8's Infinity Reference 6020cs components (no crossovers) Clarion APX4240 60x4 Hifonics Brutus BX1000D 1000 watt class d Condition of all items: All used Total Price: : XXX: $150 Kappa: $65 Reference: $50 Clarion: $75...
  8. Another 8" subwoofer -help me choose thread

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey All, I have another thread for my box build going, but ran into a problem with the driver i was going to use... so, I'm posting this here for a wider audience.. here >> I knew it was going to be tight... but unfortunately the SA-8 v2 isn't going to fit in here (without me building the front...
  9. Compatibility/Sound quality JVC KWR500 w/Infinity speakers?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Could someone please help me with a question. I purchased a JVC KWR 500 hu, a pair of Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5, and a pair of Infinity Reference 9633cf 6 x 9 from Amazon for $222, and will recieve them on 11/26/12. My ? is, will these speakers work well off the hu without an amp, and does...
  10. FS: Cheap Amps & Old-School Processors that need some T.L.C.! (PG, Autotek, AC,SS...)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    FS: Cheap Amps & Old-School Processors that need some T.L.C.! (PG, Autotek, AC,SS...) Product Brand & Model: 1. Phoenix Gold TEQP4 Parametric Equalizer 2. Soundstream Rubicon 702 Amp 3. Infinity 611a Mono Amp 4. Rockford Prime 150.2 Amp 5. Autotek FX-5a Crossover 6. Audiocontrol EQL...
  11. WTF is happening to my system???

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I apologize for the lengthy read, but PLEASE i need help. It's not my car, it's my friend's that I am helping him build a system for, and I have always thought I knew what I'm doing but apparently not. He asked me a couple months ago how he could get some "bump" in his system. I said I'd help...
  12. 05 Corolla S build. Any Advice?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey you guys this is my first major forum post and I just wanted to share my modest build so far and ask for some feedback as to how I can improve it.:) This is all before I got addicted to the forum and was still in hs with a 04 corolla ce. I started back in November with a cheap $80 pioneer...
  13. Advice needed for ICE setup with JVC AVX HU/Infinity speakers/Alpine amp/Sub

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, I am a newbie here. Would like to get some help from the experts in this forum :) I am planning to do the following setup in my car: 1) HU - JVC AVX 830/840 2) Front - Infinity Kappa 6.5" comps 3) Rear - Infinity Kappa 6x9 4) Mono Amp - Alpine MRP 500 (bought already) 5) 4 channel...
  14. Budget 5.25 components

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I am currently looking for a 5.25 component set for my 02 Regal. It will be a direct fit as the Regal comes with stock components. I want to run them off my HU so I want something with a low rms. I am using a Clarion CX201 21rms/channel. My budgets around $100-$140 internet pricing. I have MB...
  15. I need help choosing a sub woofer.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, I do not know what sub woofer I should get. It is between Infinity 120.9w or Alpine SWR-1243D. I want a sub that has good audio quality but can still be loud when asked. I have Kicker SX900.2 amp for what ever sub I get. It has a total output of 1040 watts. I listen to metal so I hear...
  16. Fus1on's '08 Fusion Install

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    To say that i'm a casual Ford fan is putting it lightly as you can see from the photo. '10 Taurus SEL, '08 Fusion SEL and a '91 Taurus SHO AND we just sold the '93 Aerostar last week. I bought my '08 about a month ago and It's...
  17. Help: JBL GTO 608C and which Diamond subwoofer, JBL and Infinity

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello Could buy at a good price JBL GTO 608C and I wonder if it's a good 2-way Among these subwoofer which would be the best choice for listening rock and blues. Diamond D110 or JBL GT5 10 or Infinity Reference 1062W Thanks
  18. BNIB - 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d subs

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Selling these for a friend. According to him they are brand new in the box. Never seen power. Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1D dual 4 ohm Looking for $150 each ANT
  19. Kicker 07DS600 vs. Infinity Reference 6022si

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I'm looking at upgrading my system. Right now i have pioneer (walmart ones) front and rear, 6.25 up front, 6x9 in rear. no amp hooked up, running off my deh-4700mp receiver. i have 2 12" solobaric L7s with kx750.1s (one amp per sub). i like having matching sets of speakers, so i'm looking at...