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  1. *Seeking for advice - Installing aftermarket stereo in a VW Jetta GLI 2012 with Fender speakers*

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi there! Hopefully, I'm posting this in the right place... A few weeks ago my original RNS 315 head unit stopped working, showing the request to load an update CD (image attached). There is no way to cancel the update request (we're not using the navigation anyway). Calling to VW agency I've...
  2. Reverse Engineering Chinese Android 2DIN Socket With No Diagram

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I apologize if this is not in the right forum but I have very limited time to solve this issue and it is doubtful that any non-experts would add any value to this question. How can I figure out what the unlabeled power connector wires are in the black cluster below? I am in possession of a...
  3. JBL MS-8 Camaro6 Installation

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am looking to install a JBL MS-8 into my 2017 Camaro. My model does not have any amplifier in the trunk like many do, so I'm having trouble determining the best location to tap into the speaker wires. I'm thinking of trying to access each speaker individually and extending the speaker wire to...
  4. Distribution Block Location / Multiple Power Wires?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 4-channel amplifier that will be going in my trunk and a powered subwoofer that will be going under my front passenger seat. I plan to run one large wire from the battery into a fused distribution block that has two smaller outputs (1 for the amp, 1 for the sub). Where is the...
  5. REVIEW: Apicella Auto Sound (Stony Point, NY)

    Professional Installer Locator & Review Forum
    I found Nick about a month ago via Reddit. I had just finalized the purchase of a 2016 Mazda CX-5, my first non-leased vehicle, and the first thing I wanted to do was get a nice sounding system installed. I'm by no means an audiophile, nor do I know much about audio installs, but I'm a huge...
  6. Help needed in hooking up sub and amp

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys. I'm completely new to subwoofers, and i don't really know how to hook up what i have bought. I have a Pioneer TS-W307D2 sub with an excalibur x300.4 amp. Now i have already been told that this is far from an optimal combination, but if it works i'm happy. I have done some research...
  7. Install in south suburbs of Chicago

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Looking for members in the south suburbs of Chicago or pretty close who would be willing to do an install. Nothing too serious. A mono-block amp, 4 channel amp, two door speakers & 2 rear decks. Subs are not mounted in box yet as the box isn't here yet. Would like to get it done this upcoming...
  8. FS or FT: 4 Gauge Wire, Battery Terminals, RCA Cable

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1. 15.6 ft of 4 gauge Stinger power cable in red 2. 15.6 ft of 4 gauge Stinger power cable in black 3. Tsunami battery terminals 4. 2 6.5" MDF speaker rings 5. USA Link 17 ft RCA cable Condition of all items: 1. One 8 ft run, very flexible. One 5 ft run, less...
  9. Drew's 2009 Toyota Tacoma CarPC

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Here is my latest mode of transportation: It's a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4. It's much more versatile and can haul around my ever growing family much easier than my small coupes of yore (although I miss those fun little cars)! I bought it last year and started installing my system...
  10. HU Installation Help Needed, Please

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a 2007 Ford Explorer with a stock HU would still turn on but play no sound from the speakers. So I replaced the front 6x8 speakers and installed a new HU. With the help of the wiring harness and antenna adapter, matching colors and soldering the connections was a breeze. But there was...
  11. Deadener

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I know it has been beaten to death, but searching has too many hits. I want to deaden a Tacoma Double Cab. What and How much do I need? looking for a good cost benefit ratio and trying not to break the bank. I will take your advice and then go from there. Thanks in advance, G
  12. Clean up installation.

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    I basically want to clean up a quick installation job. Too many wires showing. I want to build an amp rack and screw it into the back seat where the components (Cap and amp) are now. Is that a good or bad idea. The box is stitting off to one side of the hatch. Any other recommendations? Thanks