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  1. (Second Skin)
    Hey, check it out we just got in some more B-Stock! We just started boxing and have several packages of the Damplifier Pro B-Stock ready to go. The Regular Damplifier will be available as soon as we find it and box it up! This great deal does sell out fast so get your order in soon!
  2. (Second Skin)
    If you are in the market for high quality sound and heat insulation, and would like to check it out hands on here is your chance: Second Skin Audio is now offering free sample packs! Check them out here!
  3. (Second Skin)
    Hey Everybody! :beerchug: We just reached 10,000 likes on facebook! :beerchug: To celebrate we're having a sale the likes of which we have never had before! Check it out here: https://www.facebook...ondSkinAudioLLC Don't forget to like our page if you like what you see! We appreciate it...
1-3 of 3 Results