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ipod adapter

  1. How to connect Ipod to Sony WX-GT90BT from rear?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi everyone. I'm about to get the Sony WX-GT90BT 2 DIN for my SUV. But I would like to know if is possible to find a connection/wire from behind the car stereo, and have the ipod socket available at front ready to connect. The best example would be the Sony CDX-GT610UI. This because I would...
  2. looking for ipod aux usb sirius adapter

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey guys, I've been searching this forum and Google for the aftermarket adapter that's not single din or double din. It's a black/silver module with white/blue text. features include ipod, aux, usb, xm, sirius tuner can be separately purchased. One of the pieces can be attached/mounted on the...